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Your brand is not your logo. Or your tagline. It’s not even the products or services your company sells. It’s the way consumers feel about you. The values you project. The perceived benefit you bring to their lives. Building a strong brand that can withstand the test of time is where The Oh Group comes in. We integrate the messaging voice with visual communication. We help companies think beneath the surface to understand their true intent, their core values, and how they help others. To effectively do this, we understand that the strength of the brand evolves from a true partnership with our clients.

The Oh Group can help you build a brand that makes that visceral connection by integrating your company’s voice with effective visual communication. We’ll help you think outside the box (and who said it has to be a box, anyway?) to understand your true intent, your core values and how you help your customers.



Differentiation requires originality.

Originality demands creativity.

Creativity lives here at The Oh Group.

By listening to your needs, defining your goals, and fusing them with our creative concepts and executions, The Oh Group delivers strategic, dynamic solutions that will set your brand apart from the competition and help your business grow.

After the branding and messaging are defined, our aim is to build and gain a strong presence for our clients. Continuity and consistency are the keys to building a recognizable brand. So, in addition to designing your website, The Oh Group will create additional marketing materials for you, uniting them with a consistent look, feel and message that carries throughout, integrating your efforts and strengthening your brand. Other solutions we offer are: Marketing Audit



Whether you are a new company or an established organization, visual impact is essential for holding the attention of prospects and customers. Creating your own look and feel is the prelude to building or enhancing a strong brand. We’ll help you do just that by observing your competition, watching trends and using the latest user-experience methodologies to create an easy-to-navigate website of with aesthetic presence.

In our creative process, we collaborate with our clients to build a website wire frame. In this stage, we define the functionalities and make certain all requirements are met before the design layout stage begins. It’s the “lay-of-the-land” showing all the components of your website and how your website will be utilized as a brochure-style workhorse. 

We specialize in custom or open-source web development on a content management system (CMS) to maximize your budget. In our website development stage, this is where everything comes together. The branding, the wire frame and the design are all programmed on a content management system, which allows for in-house maintenance. Once your website is developed, we will show you how to make changes on the fly so you can be empowered.



With many of your customers on mobile devices, we give you the option to build your custom website as a responsive design. Responsive design allows your visitors to have the optimal viewing experience and the best user experience on multiple mobile devices.



People always want to know, “What’s my ROI on social media?” and “How long will it take?” Here’s the short and sweet to understanding social media. Social media in a marketing tool, not a sales tool.

Using a dating analogy, “How many dates did you go on before you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend to become exclusive?” It’s all about getting to know each other and creating a relationship. So, when you went on the dates and shared some thoughts and dreams and became comfortable, that’s when a the relationship formed. Similar to dating, in social media, you want to:



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO-based copywriting, together with social media activity, blogs, videos, inbound and outbound links, video blogs, and linking with other websites are the all-important keys to gaining brand recognition and credibility in the crowded digital marketplace. 


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